Selecting invoices to bypass verification

This procedure shows how to allow complete documents to bypass verification.

If you verify invoices on a regular basis, you may notice invoices from a particular supplier are always complete and do not require correction or adjustment. To save time on future invoices from suppliers like these, you can specify that complete invoices bypass verification. Kofax AP Essentials Office users can change these settings during verification. Administrators can specify which invoices can bypass verification using Admin Center and master data.

This topic describes how to bypass verification on a supplier basis. To affect all documents, regardless of supplier, us the Process control service.

Previously, settings for bypassing verification per supplier were located in the Process control service. Now theses settings are managed using the methods described below. Supplier exception settings from the Process control service have been copied to the new settings automatically.

Using Office

You must have the Change bypass verification setting privilege to perform this procedure.

  1. Click or (next to the supplier field) while verifying an invoice.

  2. In the dialog that appears, select Allow complete documents to bypass verification.

  3. Click Save. The next time an invoice from this supplier is extracted with all fields complete, the invoice will skip verification and go directly to a workflow (if any exist) or the target system.

Admin Center

Administrators with the Manage accounts privilege can specify which suppliers can bypass verification in the Supplier view in Admin Center, as well as the View supplier dialog in Kofax AP Essentials Office.

Using master data

You can specify which suppliers should bypass verification using supplier master data using the BypassVerification element. The BypassVerification element is not required and is "false" by default. In other words, if the BypassVerification element is not included in you master data, the value remains false, unless you change the value manually using the View supplier dialog. If you use the BypassVerification element in your master data, the master data overrides any existing settings that were made using the View supplier dialog.

You must have the Change bypass verification setting privilege to upload master data that contains the BypassVerification element. If you do not have this privilege, the master data will still upload, but BypassVerification elements are ignored.


Assume you are not using the BypassVerification element in your master data. A user selects Allow complete documents to bypass verification in the View supplier dialog for Supplier XYZ. At this point, all complete invoices from Supplier XYZ bypass verification. Later, new master data is uploaded. Master data for Supplier XYZ is still lacking the BypassVerification element, so the settings that were applied in the View supplier dialog are still in effect. The next day, the master data is updated again. This time, however, the BypassVerification element for Supplier XYZ is set to "false". At this point, the master data settings take precedence, and invoices from Supplier XYZ no longer bypass verification.