Mobile Approval

Invoice approval is available in a light-weight app for mobile devices, so you can perform workflow and approval activities on the go. Using the mobile version, you can manage financial processes and make informed decisions from anywhere, anytime. For busy approvers, the mobility and flexibility can deliver significant efficiency gains.

Using the mobile approval app requires Workflow services, and you are limited to performing basic tasks related to workflow and approval. Normally, the mobile approval is automatically displayed when accessing Kofax AP Essentials Office from a mobile device. If the mobile version is not displayed, however, you can access it manually by appending your login URL with "mobile". For example, if you normally log in to Kofax AP Essentials at you can access the mobile version at

Currently, you can perform these tasks:

  • View document images and captured information.

  • View account coding.
  • Approve documents.

  • Reject documents.

  • Delete documents

  • Request information about a document.

  • Reply to requests for information.
  • Hold and unhold documents.

  • Add and view comments.

Add mobile approval to your home screen

We recommend adding the mobile approval app to the home screen on your mobile device.


  1. Launch Chrome for Android and navigate to the mobile version of Kofax AP Essentials Office as described above.
  2. Tap the menu button and tap Add to homescreen.

    Other Android web browsers work in a similar manner.


  1. Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone and navigate to the mobile version of Kofax AP Essentials Office as described above.

  2. Tap the Share button.

  3. Tap the Add to Home Screen icon in the Share menu.

Other browsers, like Chrome for iOS, do not offer this feature. Due the limitations in iOS, only Safari is allowed to add shortcuts to the home screen.

Viewing documents

After you log in to Kofax AP Essentials Office for mobile devices, a list of documents that require your attention appears. This view is equivalent to the Assigned to me view in the desktop version. Tap a document in the list to view its details. Use the tabs at the top of the screen to navigate between views of the captured field values () and coding lines, document images () and comments (). Note that you can tap a coding line to see more details.

Performing actions

Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to perform actions on the document. The actions that you can perform on a document can vary, depending on document status and user privileges. Buttons for the most commonly used actions appear at the bottom of the screen. If you cannot see the button you need, tap the vertical ellipsis () to view additional actions. You can perform actions such as:

  • Approving documents ().
  • Rejecting documents () .
  • Deleting documents () .
  • Requesting information () about the document.
  • Reply to requests for information ().
  • Putting documents on hold () .
  • Adding comments to documents () .

Approving documents

To approve a document in a workflow, tap at the bottom of the screen. After you approve a document, you return to the document list view.

Rejecting documents

Rejecting a document is useful, for example, if you want to prevent a document from being processed and sent to the target system. To reject a document in a workflow:

  1. From the Fields tab (), tap .
  2. Use the view that appears to provide the reason for rejecting the document.
  3. Tap Reject.

Deleting documents

You can delete documents at any time if you encounter a problem with a document and determine that the best solution is to delete it.

You cannot restore documents that have been deleted. If you delete documents accidentally, you must send the documents to Kofax AP Essentials again to process them again.

To delete a document in a workflow:

  1. From the Fields tab (), tap .
  2. Use the view that appears to provide the reason for deleting the document.
  3. Tap Delete document.

Requesting information

If you need information from someone else about an invoice, you can send a request for information. This is beneficial because it keeps the questions and replies with the invoice for future reference. To request information from another user:

To request information about a document:

  1. From the Fields tab (), tap .
  2. Determine whether you want to send a message to a Kofax AP Essentials user () or send an email message () by tapping the appropriate icon.
  3. Specify the recipient of the message in the To box.
  4. Write your comment or question in the Message box.
  5. Tap Request information to send the request.

To reply to a request information:

  1. From the Fields tab (), tap .
  2. Write your reply in the Message box that appears.
  3. Tap Post information to send the reply.

Putting documents on hold

Sometimes you need to place a document on hold, for example, if a document lacks information, and you want to make sure it does not get processed until the issue is resolved. When a document is on hold, you cannot process the document until you "unhold" it. You cannot perform actions such as verifying, approving or rejecting the document. However, you can save changes to field values, add comments and attachments or delete the document.

To hold a document in a workflow:

  1. From the Fields tab (), tap .
  2. Use the view that appears to provide the reason for holding the document.
  3. Tap Hold.

To unhold a document, open a document that is on hold and tap .

Adding comments

You can view comments on the Comments tab of a document. To add a new comment:

  1. From the Comments tab (), tap .

  2. Use the box that appears to write a comment.

  3. Tap Add comment. Your message is added to the comments.