Processing invoices with the Coupa integration

When you process invoices using the Coupa integration, you follow the normal procedures for verification with these additional features:

  • Processing invoices without line-item tables.
  • Handling of tax rates.

This topic refers to the Coupa AP integration, which is the most current version of the Coupa integration and uses the latest version of the Coupa API.

Processing invoices without line-item tables

No special action is required to process invoices without line-item tables. Although, Coupa does not support invoices without line-items, Kofax AP Essentials automatically creates a line-item based on the header fields to workaround this issue.

Handling of tax rates

The Coupa integration supports the capture of tax data and multiple tax rates in headers and line items. No matter where the tax data is found on the invoice, the integration makes sure the tax data is mapped to the invoice summary in Coupa. When multiple tax rates are found on an invoice, each is mapped to a separate tax line (TaxDetail element) in the invoice summary.

When Kofax AP Essentials sends invoice data to Coupa, that category of the TaxDetail element is set to an empty space. More information about how tax fields are mapped between systems is available here.