Supplier and customer identification

When a document enters the system for the first time, it is unknown, and you must specify the correct supplier, or customer, during verification, so Kofax AP Essentials can learn to recognize documents from the same supplier/customer. Kofax AP Essentials utilizes all of the information on the document during the identification process. As you process more documents from different suppliers/customers, Kofax AP Essentials identifies the unique characteristics of each document, so the supplier/customer can be identified with greater confidence. Typically, an document from a new supplier/customer only needs to be verified once in order for subsequent documents from the same supplier/customer to be identified correctly. Identification is a key component of online learning.

Improved identification with master data

If you use supplier master data, or customer master data, Kofax AP Essentials uses the master data to increase the probability of identifying the supplier/customer automatically.

Automatic identification requires the name field and at least one additional field on the document. The more fields you provide, the better the result. The supplier/customer number is not used. Identification using master data uses these fields:

Supplier identification Customer identification
Name Name
Tax registration number Tax registration number
Organization number Organization number
Telephone number Telephone number
Street Street
Postal code Postal code
City City
Bank account number (multiple)
Bank number (multiple)