Importing total amounts and total tax amounts in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations 10.0.16 introduced two new fields on the invoice header that allow AP automation providers to pass along the invoice total amount and the total sales tax amount. However, the standard mapping from Kofax AP Essentials to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations does not import any amounts to the vendor invoice header. To import these new fields, you must create a new import job that contains the new fields in the uploaded zipped manifest.

  1. Download file and extract its contents.
  2. Open Vendor invoice header.xml in a text editor and add these fields to the VENDORINVOICEHEADERENTITY element:
  3. Create a new ZIP file containing all the files previously unzipped, including the edited header manifest.
  4. Edit the existing import job in Dynamics, or create a new job using the newly created ZIP file.
  5. In the AP Essentials Admin Center target system settings, edit the Custom field mapping setting to include the new fields. For example:

    IMPORTEDAMOUNT="%InvoiceTotalVatIncludedAmount%";IMPORTEDSALESTAX="%InvoiceTotalVATAmount%";INVOICEDESCRIPTION="Sent from Kofax AP Essentials"