Payment fields

Entering payment information used to be a time-consuming process for accounting personnel; however, the Dynamics AX integration can automate this process, saving you time and money.

The Dynamics AX integration includes support for additional fields, which can be used to supply Dynamics AX with payment information:

  • Payment ID
  • Method of payment
  • Payment specification

The integration can also synchronize master data for:

  • Payment methods
  • Payment specifications

Value mapping

Kofax AP Essentials automates the process by using the value of the PaymentReferenceNumber field for the Payment ID field in Dynamics AX.

  • If the value of PaymentReferenceNumber matches the pattern of a bankgiro number, only part of the number is extracted. This occurs in Danish invoices for example.
  • If the value of PaymentReferenceNumber does not match the pattern of a bankgiro number, the entire value is used.

PaymentReferenceNumber is the Type name (internal name) of the field. If you are not sure which field this is, you can find the more familiar display name of the field in the Document type dialog.