Supported input file formats

Kofax AP Essentials can process documents in many file formats and languages.

Image formats

These image file formats are supported when you send invoices to Kofax AP Essentials:

  • PDF version 1.3 to 1.7. Encrypted PDFs are not supported. XFA documents and PDF portfolios are not supported.
  • PNG

Image quality

  • All invoice images must have a height of at least 500 pixels and a width of at least 500 pixels. However, images cannot exceed 10,000 x 10,000 pixels.
  • Recommended resolution: 300 DPI.
    For Chinese document types, we recommend a minimum resolution of 400 DPI.
  • Color mode: Color, gray scale and bi-tonal images are supported.
  • Scanning mode: Simplex and duplex scanning is supported. Blank pages that are used for page separation are automatically removed from batches.

XML formats

In addition to the image formats above, Kofax AP Essentials accepts XML input in these formats:

Kofax AP Essentials also supports XML input from Fakturaportalen.

When you verify an XML invoice, an invoice image is generated from the XML to make verification easier. However, if you process ESXML or Fattura documents that contain embedded PDFs, the embedded PDF is used as the invoice image. Currently, ESXML and Fattura are the only XML formats that support embedded PDFs in this manner.

Kofax AP Essentials supports electronically signed XML invoices (P7M files); however, encrypted P7M files are not supported.

File size limitations

Description Limit Note
Max file size for input files 50 MB

This is the maximum size allowed for documents that are sent to Kofax AP Essentials for processing.

If the limit is exceeded, the document receives the status, input failed.

Max file size for storage upload 25 MB

If the limit is exceeded, you receive a notification that the upload failed.

Max file size for master data upload

200 MB

If the limit is exceeded, you receive a notification that the upload failed.

Document limitations

Description Limit Note
Maximum number of pages in a document 2,000 pages If the limit is exceeded, the document receives the status, input failed.
Maximum number of pages in an invoice containing line items from a new supplier where all pages are interpreted 100 pages on the first invoice from a new supplier.

2,000 pages on subsequent invoices from the same supplier.

If the document has more than 100 pages, only the first page is interpreted on the first invoice received from a new supplier.

The next time an invoice is received by the same supplier, and the supplier is properly identified, up to 2,000 pages can be interpreted.

Maximum number of pages in a remittance advice 2,000 pages

Invoice languages

The Extraction service extracts and interprets invoice information in the languages depicted below. Accounts payable document types support purchase order invoices, expense invoices and credit notes. Accounts receivable document types support purchase order documents and remittance advices.

— The document type is supported.

— The document type is available on a preview basis.

Document type (locale) Supported invoice languages Accounts payable Accounts receivable
PO invoice Expense invoice Credit note Purchase order Remittance advice
Australia English
Austria German, English
Argentina Spanish, English
Belgium Belgian Dutch, French, German, English
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese, English
Britain English
Bulgaria Bulgarian, English
Canada English, French
Colombia Spanish, English
Chile Spanish, English
Czech Republic Czech, English
China Simplified Chinese, English
Denmark Danish, English
Estonia Estonian, English. Latvian and Lithuanian months are also interpreted.
Finland Finnish, Swedish, English
France French, English
Germany German, English
Greece Greek, English
Hong Kong Traditional Chinese, English
Hungary Hungarian, English
Iceland Icelandic, English
India English
Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia, English
Ireland Irish, English
Israel Hebraic, English
Italy Italian, English

Japanese, English


Korean, English

Latvia Latvian, English. Estonian and Lithuanian months are also interpreted.
Lithuania Lithuanian, English. Estonian and Latvian months are also interpreted.
Malaysia English, Malay
Mexico Spanish, English
Netherlands Dutch, English
New Zealand English
Norway Norwegian, English
Philippines English, Filipino (limited support)
Poland Polish, English
Portugal Standard Portuguese, English
Romania Romanian, English
Russia Russian, English
Singapore English
Slovakia Slovak, English
South Africa Zulu, Xhosa, English, Afrikaans
Spain Spanish, English. Catalan months are also interpreted.
Sweden Swedish, English
Switzerland German, French, Italian, English
Taiwan Traditional Chinese, English
Thailand Thai, English
Turkey Turkish, English
United States English
Vietnamese Vietnamese, English
Other types

Supports most European languages.

This is a generic document type that you can use to extract data from XML invoices from Europe. The XML document type includes many more fields than the other document types.

We recommend using this document type if you use Invoice Portal.