Target system services

Sending output (invoices, captured invoice data and other financial data) to the target system is one of the primary benefits of Kofax AP Essentials. When you select Target system from the Services view, the Target systems that are available appear.

Kofax AP Essentials can send output to:

The target systems that appear can vary depending on other services. For example, if the Workflow service is enabled, only target systems that support Workflow services are displayed. Likewise, if you process accounts receivable documents, only these methods are available for exporting purchase order data to your target system:

  • Email output

  • Secure FTP (SFTP)

  • XML via AP Essentials Connect

  • API

Output data is usually a combination of XML-formatted invoice data and invoice image files. The image files can be in TIF format or searchable PDF (PDF version 1.6), depending on which output service you use.

Custom XML transformations (XSLT) can be used to transform output data for email output, SFTP and local XML. Only partner administrators and Kofax personnel can upload custom XSLT files to the system.