The User management view

Use this view in Admin Center to specify settings that apply to all users.

To access this dialog in Admin Center: Select a User management node in the administration tree-view

Use this view and its child views to manage users.


Enable Enables single sign-on for the current account.
Identity provider Specifies the identity provider that you want to use for single sign on.
Tenant ID

The Tenant ID of the organization as it appears in the Azure Active Directory settings (Overview > Basic information settings).

This setting is only visible if Identity provider is a multi-tenant provider.


Enforce two-factor authentication If selected, all users on the current account level must configure two-factor authentication in order to log in. You can exclude users from two-factor authentication individually in the User view.


Include the customer external reference ID in the tracking ID

Determines whether the tracking ID is prefixed with the External ID of the customer. When selected, tracking IDs use this format:


This setting applies to all of the customers of the current partner. This setting does not add the prefix to documents that are already in the system. Likewise, the prefix is not removed from the tracking IDs of existing documents, if you deselect this setting at a later date.

This setting is only available on the partner level.