This section defines services that are included in the RSO-API.

The following are the services defined:

The different services are described from a general perspective which includes the operations. For implementation and details about all of the entities, see the data-schema files or the .NET SDK assemblies.


The account service is used to manage the organizational accounts within Kofax AP Essentials. From here, you can preform operations on Partner, Customer and Buyer Accounts. Typical operations are to create Customer and Buyer Accounts and to activate them before usage.

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Operations in the document service operate on documents and batches within the Document Repository. The service is mainly used to retrieve extracted data files and image files from Kofax AP Essentials. For integrations where the verification is performed outside of Kofax AP Essentials, you can send data to Kofax AP Essentials, so the document auto-learning process is performed.

When downloading documents through the API, it is important to set the Output target to “API”.

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This service provides a way to upload images (for example, TIF and JPG images) and other files (such as PDF) to Kofax AP Essentials. After the file is uploaded, the data extraction takes place (depending on configuration).

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Master data can be used to validate business information in the system during the manual user steps. A typical usage is to send supplier master data to Kofax AP Essentials so it is available during the verification.

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This service provides operations on the privilege entity in the system.

Privileges are assigned to a specific user, but can also be connected to a certain role which is used to assign a specific set of privileges to users. This service is mostly for internal usage.

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