Test the output

If you use custom XSLT to transform output, you can test the output, without sending output to Coupa, to make sure your XSLT transform is functioning properly. This is helpful because you can make adjustments to your XSLT without disturbing the production system.

To test the output, you need access to an SFTP server where you can send the output. These files are included in a ZIP file that is sent to the SFTP server:

File name Description
[external ID]_ApsDocument.xml

The original document in AP Essentials XML format.

[external ID]_DocumentBeforeXSLTransformation.xml

The Coupa XML document before it is transformed.

[external ID]_PostingToCoupaDocument.xml

The Coupa XML document after it is transformed. This is the document that would otherwise be sent to Coupa if you were not in test mode.

[external ID]_DocumentConfiguration.xml

A copy of the current target system settings in XML format.

Follow this procedure to test the output without sending output to Coupa.

  1. Navigate to the target system settings.
  2. Select Test mode and use the settings that appear to specify credentials of your SFTP server and the remote path where you want to save transferred files.
  3. Click Buyer-specific settings and select the buyers you want to test.

    You must select buyers to utilize this feature. If you do not select any buyers, AP Essentials sends output to Coupa as usual.

  4. Process a document.

    After the document is exported, you can download the output form the SFTP server. Check the output to make sure it meets your expectations. If necessary, adjust your XSLT and test again until the output matches your requirements.