The Notifications view

Use these settings to add or edit notifications for the Notification service.

To access this view in Admin Center, select a Services node in the tree view and click Notifications.

To avoid configuration issues, multiple administrators should not edit the same service at the same time.

The services and settings available can vary depending on your role and which Services node you selected in the administration tree.
Email notifications

Lets you edit the settings in the current view.

SAVE and CANCEL buttons appear after you click EDIT. Any changes or deletions that you make do not take affect until you click SAVE. If you regret your changes, click CANCEL.

ADD Displays a dialog for adding a new notification.
DELETE Deletes the selected notification.
EVENT Specifies the event that triggers the notification. You can click the event to display a dialog that you can use to edit its settings.
ACTION The method used to deliver the notification.
RECIPIENT The recipient of the notification.
NOTES Displays notes about the notification.