The Extraction view

Use these settings to define the Extraction service.

To access this view in Admin Center:

  • Navigate to a Services node in the administration tree and click Extraction.
  • If your organization uses buyer entities, expand a buyer node in the administration tree and click Extraction.

To avoid configuration issues, multiple administrators should not edit the same service at the same time.

The settings that appear here can vary, depending on your role and which Services node you selected in the administration tree:

Document types

Resets the extraction settings of the current buyer, so they match the extraction settings of the parent customer account.

This button only appears on the buyer level, if the current buyer has extraction settings that differ from parent account.

Default document type Specifies which document type to use if no type is selected when the user uploads invoices.
Only use country-specific subtypes and the XML document type

When selected, you can only use country-specific document subtypes, with one exception: you are also optionally allowed to use the XML document type on the customer level.

If you use document subtypes and edit the extraction settings on the buyer level, the document types available are limited to:

  • Document types that match the country of the buyer.

  • The XML document type.

If you select this setting and click SAVE, this setting validates your setup to make sure you are not combining generic document types with country-specific document types. It also warns you if, for example, any buyer organizations do not have a country specified.


Lists the document types that are available for data extraction.

Click the name of a document type in the to display a view that specifies field settings for the document type.


The internal name of the document type.

Use the SYSTEM NAME to specify the document type when sending invoices via email.


Specifies the country supported by the document type.


Specifies the document subtype.


Determines what kind of document you want to extract. The current base types are:

  • Other
  • Purchase order
  • Remittance advice
  • Supplier invoice
Page separation method Determines how invoices are separated when you submit multiple invoices in a batch.
  • Blank page - Each invoice is preceded by a blank page.
  • Barcode - The first page of each invoice is labeled with a barcode in one of these formats:

    • Code 128

    • EAN-8

    • EAN-13

Auto-rotate images

Automatically detects incorrect rotation of document images in all directions and corrects the image rotation. This is helpful, for example, if images are often scanned upside-down, or if your scanner can only scan images sideways.

On very rare occasions, auto-rotation can rotate images incorrectly, so you must correct the rotation during verification.

Display supplier numbers during verification Determines whether the supplier number is visible when verifying invoices.

Adds a new row that you can use to specify a custom filter field for the document list views in Kofax AP Essentials Office.

This button is only visible when editing the Extraction settings.

FIELD TYPE Specifies the field type of the custom filter field.
DISPLAY NAME Determines the name of the column in the document list view.
Removes the row from the list and the document list views in Kofax AP Essentials Office.