The Copy customer view

Use this view to copy an existing customer in Admin Center.

To access this dialog in Admin Center, navigate to the Customers view and click in the ACTIONS column of the customer that you want to copy.

Use these settings to copy an existing customer.


Determines which services you want to copy and/or add. Click to display all of the available services.

Copy these service settings from the customer - These services and their settings are copied from the customer.

Users are not copied. Therefore, settings that involve users, such as workflows and triggers, are not copied. User groups are copied but contain no users.

Add these services from the partner - These services are added from the partner level, in the same way they are added when adding a new customer. After the new account is created, you must adjust the settings of some these services. For example, if applicable, you must specify login information for the Target system service.

Groups Determines whether you want to copy user groups from the existing customer. Remember to add users to the user groups after the new account is created.
Name The name of the customer. This can be a legal entity or a person.
External ID Use this value to identify the organization in an external system, such as your target system.
Service plan
  • The Live model is for customers in production.
  • The Demo model is for organizations that use Kofax AP Essentials for demonstration purposes.
  • The Trial model is for organizations that want to test Kofax AP Essentials.
Volume Specifies the amount of documents that can be processed during the license period that you specify using Period start and Period end. The volume is automatically determined if you select Demo or Trial in the Model setting.
Period start

Specifies when the service plan starts.  

Period end

Specifies when the service plan ends.

Reference The text that you type here is used as the customer billing report reference.  
Description You can use this setting to save notes about the license. For example, if you made special arrangements to extend the length of a demo account, you can type the details here.