Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations field mapping

This table shows how ReadSoft Online maps invoice fields with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

If you use custom header fields or line fields in Dynamics 365, when you create a recurring data job, you must modify the contents of the ZIP file to include the custom fields.

If your Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations solution has additional fields that need mapping, you can use data templates to map fields and other data from ReadSoft Online to Dynamics 365.

ReadSoft Online field Dynamics 365 field Note
Header fields
InvoiceCurrency Currency
- Date Automatically set to current date.
InvoiceDueDate DueDate
Supplier InvoiceAccount and VendorAccount
InvoiceDate InvoiceDate
InvoiceNumber InvoiceNumber
SalesTaxGroup (custom header field) SalesTaxGroup Custom ReadSoft Online field.
Line-item fields
InvoiceCurrency (header) Currency
Supplier (header) InvoiceAccount and VendorAccount
LIT_ArticleIdentifier ItemNumber Optional for non-PO based invoices.
LIT_RowIdentifier PurchLineNumber For PO-based invoices only. This is the line identifier that is the result of line pairing (automatic or manual).
InvoiceOrderNumber (header) PurchaseOrder For PO-based invoices only.
LIT_ProcurementCategory or ProcurementCategory (custom line-item/header fields) ProcurementCategoryName Custom ReadSoft Online field. Normally blank for PO-based invoices. Can be set on either the header or the line-item level in ReadSoft Online.
LIT_DeliveredQuantity ReceiveNow
LIT_UnitPriceAmount UnitPrice
LIT_SalesTaxGroup (custom line-item field) SalesTaxGroup Custom ReadSoft Online field.
LIT_Item SalesTaxGroup (custom line-item field) ItemSalesTax Custom ReadSoft Online field.