Purchase order documents

Kofax AP Essentials supports the extraction and interpretation of purchase order documents on behalf of seller organizations.

A purchase order document is key to accounts receivable processes. A purchase order document is issued by a buyer to a seller and indicates types, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services. Typically, a purchase order is specified using the seller's terms and item numbers. Buyer numbers can be used to identify the buyers of a purchase order. However, buyer numbers may not always be present on a purchase order, since a buyer might not know the number it has been assigned by the seller. Therefore, Kofax AP Essentials can also identify buyers by information such as the company name and address. Purchase orders should not be confused with sales orders. Purchase orders can be used to facilitate the creation of sales orders, which are created internally by the seller.

These are typical header fields that can be found on a purchase order:

  • Purchase order number

  • Purchase order date

  • Requested delivery date

  • Delivery address

  • Delivery details

These are typical line-item fields that can be found on a purchase order:

  • Delivery details

  • Item code

  • Quantity

  • Description

  • Unit of measure

  • Delivery date

  • Delivery period

  • Unit price

  • Line total

  • Delivery address

In order to process purchase orders, you must enable a purchase order document type in the Extraction service. Likewise, you must choose a purchase order document type when sending remittance advices to Kofax AP Essentials.