Viewing document images

When you verify documents, there are several actions you can perform to adjust the document view.

Zoom, rotate and pagination

Controls for zooming and rotating are displayed near the document image.

If you rotate an image, the output image that is sent to the target system is not rotated.
New view

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to adjust the document image.

Moving the document image

To move the document image, simply click and drag it.

Using dual displays

This feature is not supported by Internet Explorer or Edge.

If your computer is connected to two monitors, you can utilize both monitors by displaying an extra, detached document image view in a new window and moving it to another screen. For a better user experience, you can increase the size of the line-item view, so you can see more line items. For your convenience, the detached view works for single displays too.

Click on the image control bar to open an document view in a new window. Click to close the detached document image view. The position, size and zoom level of the detached window are remembered when navigating between documents and login sessions.