Services overview

Kofax AP Essentials provides a number of automated services:

  • Analytics - provides reports that contain detailed information about document status, document volumes, performance statistics and more.
  • Classification - automatically routes invoices to the correct customer.
  • Email input - lets users send email invoices to the system.
  • Extraction - interprets information on the invoices.
  • Image upload - allows users to upload images to the system using a secure connection.
  • Invoice Portal - simplifies invoice processing by connecting you to hundreds of thousands of companies that are already connected and exchanging e- invoices.
  • Master data - determines user-interaction with master data when verifying invoices.
  • Notifications - informs users of various events via email. For example, an email notification can be sent when Kofax AP Essentials receives a batch or when a batch is rejected.
  • Process control - automates various elements of production, such as automatically processing new documents upon arrival.
  • Purchase order - enables the sharing of purchase-order information between Kofax AP Essentials and the target system.
  • Self-service - This service has been replaced by new settings. Previously, this service provided privileges that let customer administrators manage extraction and target-system service settings. Now the privileges are available to customer administrators without the need of this extra service.
  • Separation - provides an interface to separate invoices in a batch quickly and easily.
  • Storage - provides long-term archiving of invoice images and data.
  • Target system - sends the invoices and interpreted data to a target system.
  • Validation - automated functions that help ensure the correctness of the invoice data.
  • Verification - lets users easily verify invoices in their web browser.
  • Workflow - lets users perform accounts-payable and workflow activities.

You can choose to perform some services yourself or have them done for you by a Kofax partner. When services are performed on your behalf by a partner, we call them managed services.

Services can be enabled on multiple levels, and each child node in the administration tree-view inherits its services from its parent. For example, if you disable a service for an account, that service will not be available for any of the accounts of that account.

Successfully processed documents are deleted from Kofax AP Essentials after three months. Inactive documents are deleted one year after the last user interaction. Use the Storage service to prevent processed and inactive documents from being deleted.