The Add new partner view

Use this view to specify partner settings in Admin Center.

To access this dialog in Admin Center: Click ADD in the Partners view.

Use these settings to add a new partner.

Name The name of the partner. This can be a legal entity or a person.
Organization number The organization number of the partner.
VAT number The VAT number of the partner. You can increase interpretation rates of VAT registration fields by providing your organization's VAT number here. In many cases, VAT registration numbers for the buyer and the supplier appear in the invoice header, making it difficult to determine which value to capture. By providing your VAT registration number, ReadSoft Online can exclude your VAT number from the list of possibilities when searching for the correct VAT number on the invoice.
Phone The phone number of the partner.
Fax The fax number of the partner.
Street address The street address of the partner.
Post code The postal code or ZIP code of the partner.
City The city of the partner.
State The state of the partner.
Country The country of the partner.
Notes Use this space to save additional information about the organization.
ID Use this value to identify the organization in an external system, such as your target system.
Analytics Provides reports about document status, document volumes, performance statistics and more.
Classification Automatically routes invoices to the correct partner.
Email input Lets users send email invoices to the system.
Extraction Determines how invoice information is interpreted.
Image upload Allows users to upload images to the system using a secure connection.
Master data Determines user-interaction with master data when verifying invoices.
Notifications Informs users of various events via email. For example, an email notification can be sent when ReadSoft Online receives a batch or when a batch is rejected.
Process control Automates various elements of production, such as automatically processing new documents upon arrival.
Purchase order Enables the sharing of purchase-order information between ReadSoft Online and the target system.
Separation Provides an interface to separate invoices in a batch quickly and easily.
Storage Provides long-term archiving of invoice images and data.
Target system Specifies the target system and how invoice information is sent to it.
Validation Automated functions that help ensure the correctness of the invoice data.
Verification Determines whether you can use the Verification view to check and correct invoices.
Workflow Lets users perform accounts-payable and workflow activities.
Service plan
  • The Live model is for partners in production.
  • The Demo model is for organizations that use ReadSoft Online for demonstration purposes. You can process up to 1,000 documents during a one-year period using a demo account.
  • The Trial model is for organizations that want to test ReadSoft Online. You can process up to 200 documents during a 60-day period using a trial account.

If the parent account is a Live account, you can choose Live, Demo or Trial. If the parent account is a Demo or Trial account, the partner account is also Demo or Trial, and you cannot change it.


Determines the number of documents you can process during the licensing period.

Period start Specifies when the usage period begins.
Period end Specifies when the usage period ends.
Reference The text that you type here is used as the partner billing report reference in the billing report.
Description You can use this settings to save notes about the licensing. For example, if you made special arrangements to extend the length of a demo account, you can type the details here.
Host name Specifies the address used to access ReadSoft Online. You must specify a unique sub-domain if you want to use custom branding.

Note: The host name does not change if you change the name of a partner.

Title Specifies the text that appears on the tab in the web browser.
Theme Determines the look of ReadSoft Online.