Specifying validation rules

To specify field validation rules:

  1. Navigate to the Extraction service that corresponds to the account level you want to adjust.

    Note that you cannot adjust the validation rules on the buyer level.

  2. Click EDIT and click the document type that you want to edit. The document type view appears.
  3. On the Rules tab, enable the validation rules that you want to use by selecting the checkbox on the VERIFY and/or WORKFLOW column. These columns determine whether rules are performed during verification, an approval workflow or both.

    Validation rules cannot be overridden while in a workflow step. If you receive a validation error while processing a document in a workflow, you must correct the error to proceed.

  4. Adjust the settings of each enabled rule according to the descriptions later in this topic.
  5. Click OK to return to the previous view, and click SAVE to save your changes.

    After you save the settings, the changes are immediately available during verification and approval.