The Payment terms view

Use these settings to define the payment terms settings in Admin Center.

To access this view in Admin Center: Select a Master data node in the tree view and click Payment terms.

Use these settings to manage the payment terms of your suppliers.

ADD Displays a view that you can use to add a new payment term.
TOGGLE DEFAULT Select a payment term in the list and click this button to toggle its default status. The default payment term is used if no match is found during extraction. If a payment term is already set to default, and you want to set another payment term to default, you must first toggle the current default payment term, so it is no longer the default.
IMPORT FROM SUPPLIERS Populates the list with payment terms from supplier master data. Payment terms that have been added manually in this view are not removed.
DELETE Deleted the selected payment term.
Specifies which columns you want to display.
CODE Specifies the code of the payment term. Clicking the code displays a view that you can use to edit the payment term.
BUYER Specifies which buyer utilizes the payment term.
DESCRIPTION A description of the payment term.
DAYS Specifies the number of days until the payment is due.
USE AS DEFAULT Specifies which payment term is the default payment term to use if no payment term is found.
START FROM Specifies when to start counting days until payment is due.
APPLY Specifies whether the due date calculation is always applied, or only applied if the due date field is empty.
EMPTY THE DUE DATE Specifies whether Kofax AP Essentials calculates the due date or empties it.