The Purchase order view

Use these settings to define the Purchase order service.

To access this view Admin Center: Select a Services node on the customer level in the administration tree and select Purchase order.

To avoid configuration issues, multiple administrators should not edit the same service at the same time.

The services and settings available can vary, depending on your role and which Services node you selected in the administration tree:

Validate order number in invoice header Invoices must have a purchase order number (in the invoice header) that matches an order number for the supplier.
This validation is not performed when you verify an invoice in the Admin Center by clicking OPEN IN OFFICE in the Admin Center (Document details view).
Line pairing
Manual line-pairing Determines whether you can match PO numbers with line items during verification.
Automatic line-pairing Determines whether Kofax AP Essentials automatically matches PO numbers with line items during verification.

The supplier number and order number fields must be found on the invoice for line pairing to work.

Purchase-order numbers can appear as header fields and as line-item fields on an invoice. When the purchase-order service matches PO numbers:

  • If none of the line items have a PO number, the service uses the header PO number for all of the line-item PO fields.
  • If any of the line items contain a PO number, the line-item PO number is used instead of the header PO number. If a line item is missing a PO number, the value remains empty, and the line item is treated as a service item in the target system.