The Audit trail view

Use this view to view audit trail information in Admin Center.

To access this view in Admin Center: Select Audit trail in the administration tree-view.

Time range

Narrows your search to the time range you select.

From/To settings are displayed if you select Custom time range in the Time range box. These settings narrow your search to the specific time and date range you specify.


Searches these columns simultaneously:

  • Message

  • Event code

  • Details code

  • Changes *

* The Changes field is actually located in the even details view.

The EVENT CODE and DETAILS CODE columns can only be searched by number from the Search box. For example, searching for "AuthenticationFailed" does not return results in the DETAILS CODE column, but searching for "50385" does returns results.

Show successful authentication events

Displays audit trail information for each successful user log in.


The date and time that the event occurred. Clicking the event time displays more information about the event.


The user that triggered the event.


Provides more details about the event.


A code that describes the event.


Describes the event further.

You can also view user-specific audit trail information in the user dialog.