The Process control view

Use these settings to define the Process control service.

To access this view in Admin Center: Select a Services node in the tree view and click Process control.

To avoid configuration issues, multiple administrators should not edit the same service at the same time.

The services and settings available can vary depending on your role and which Services node you selected in the administration tree. Customer administrators can edit these settings in Admin Center.

Force manual document separation on all batches When selected, all new batches must be separated manually before they can be processed. This setting is only visible if Separation services are enabled.

Extracted documents are sent directly to the target system without verification.

On field error Only documents with field errors must be verified. Documents without validation errors are sent directly to the target system.
Always All documents must be verified, except for complete documents from suppliers that have been marked to bypass verification.
Perform registration step

This setting is only visible on some target systems when Workflow services are enabled.

Determines whether documents must be registered in the target system before starting the workflow.

It can be helpful to skip registration, if your target system does not require registration, because it decreases calls to the target system and prevents documents from entering correction workflows prematurely due to validation errors in the target system.

You cannot change the buyer while approving a document if this setting is selected.

Keep batch together

When selected, documents are not sent to the target system until all of the documents in the batch are complete. If this setting is not selected, each document is sent to the target system as soon as it is ready, without waiting for the rest of the batch. Office users can override this setting on individual batches by selecting one ore more batches in the document list view and clicking .