System limits

This topic lists known limits, quotas and constraints of Kofax AP Essentials services.

Users and user groups

Resource Limit
Users 3,000 per organization
User groups 1,000 per organization

Each organization, such as a partner account or customer account, can have up to 3,000 users. Each organization can also have up to 700 user groups.

For example, assume you have a partner account with ten customer accounts. Each customer can have up to 3,000 users. The partner account itself can also have up to 3,000 users. In total, the partner account and its customer accounts in this example can have up to 33,000 users. In other words, the limitation is not cumulative across multiple accounts. Rather, it is limited per organization.

Master data

Each master data type has a maximum number of items allowed.

Master data type Maximum count allowed
Accounts (general ledger) 100,000
Currencies 500
Supplier banks 300,000


When uploading supplier master data on the buyer level, the total count from all buyers of the parent account cannot exceed 150,000.

Generic master-data objects 500,000
Purchase orders 200,000


When uploading customer master data on the seller level, the total count from all sellers of the parent account cannot exceed 1,000,000.

There are also limits on sizes when uploading master data.

The initial customer master data upload can be up to 200 MB. Other master-data files cannot exceed 100 MB in size.

Max length of master data field values

The values of the master-data fields below cannot exceed the maximum length specified in this table:

Field Maximum length
Generic master-data objects
Type name 50
Value 150
Name 150
Description 200
Code 40
Name 100
Accounts (general ledger)
Code 100
Name 220
Group 100
Description 500
Supplier number 200
Name 400
Description 500
Country name 100
Supplier banks
Bank name 200
Bank number type 20
Bank number 50
Account number type 20
Account number 250
Purchase orders
Order number 50
Supplier number 200
Currency code 40
Contact name 200
Description 500
Status text 100
Supplier name 400
Customer number 100
Name 100
TaxRegistrationNumber 30
OrganizationNumber 30
Street 100
PostalCode 20
Country 100
City 100
State 50
TelephoneNumber 30
FaxNumber 30

AP Essentials Connect plug-in

Resource Limit
Plug-in file size 50 MB

When uploading a plug-in ZIP file to the Resource view in Admin Center, the combined file size of the ZIP-file contents cannot exceed 50 MB.