Keyboard shortcuts

This page lists the keyboard shortcuts that you can use in ReadSoft Online.

Note: Mac users substitute the Ctrl key with the Command key.

Shortcut Key Description
Alt + + Zoom in.
Alt + - Zoom out.
Alt + 0 Best Fit.
Alt + 1 100% zoom.
Alt + 2 Fit to width.
Alt + 3 Fit to height.
Alt + Shift + ← Rotates the image 90 degrees left.
Alt + Shift + → Rotates the image 90 degrees right.
Alt + Shift + D Opens the invoice image view in a new window.
Alt + Shift + F Closes the detached invoice image view.
Page Up Next page.
Page Down Previous page.
Shift + Alt + A Adds a new line-item row or accounting row. The new row is inserted after the row that is in focus. If no row is in focus, the new row is inserted at the top of the table.
Shift + Alt + R Removes the selected line-item row or accounting row.
Tab Overrides the current validation error and moves to the next field.
Enter Overrides the current validation error and moves to the next field that needs your attention.
Ctrl + Enter Verifies/Approves the document.
Escape Close the dialog.
Moves to the previous field.
Moves to the next field. This key also displays field suggestions for coding suggestions and fields that are connected to master data.
Moves to the next line-item or accounting cell.
Moves to the previous line-item or accounting cell.
Ctrl + Alt + S Displays the Edit supplier dialog.
Table 1. Keyboard shortcuts for document separation
Navigates right.
Navigates left.
Space Splits/joins documents.
Delete Deletes the selected page.
Ctrl + X Cuts the selected page.
Ctrl + V Inserts a previous cut page.
Ctrl + Enter Completes the current batch separation.
Escape Cancels the current batch separation.
Hides the thumbnail view.
Displays the thumbnail view.
Ctrl + ↑ Displays a full-size image of the current page.
Ctrl + ↓ Returns to the separation view (after pressing Ctrl + ↑).