Data retention

This topic explains how long Kofax AP Essentials stores your data.


The period of time documents remain in AP Essentials depends on whether you use Storage services.

  • Exported documents that are not in storage are automatically deleted from Kofax AP Essentials after three months.
  • Documents that are not in storage and are still in the system, but have not been fully processed, are automatically deleted one year after the last user interaction.
  • Copies of documents in storage remain indefinitely unless you manually delete them yourself or discontinue the Storage service.
Storage service Document status Expiration (deleted)
No Exported

3 months after export

After three months, the document is deleted from the system without warning.

No In progress

One year after the last user interaction

After one year, the document is deleted from the system without warning.

Yes Exported * Never. Documents remain unless you manually delete them.

* If the Workflow service is enabled, and invoice registration is enabled, a copy of the document is also sent to storage during registration in the target system.

Account information

When an account is deleted, all associated settings, users, documents, and master data are simultaneously deleted. There is no way to recover an account or its data after it has been deleted.


Incoming email

AP Essentials accepts documents for processing via the Email input service. Incoming email is stored for 3 months.

Outgoing email

AP Essentials sends email notifications to users, for example emails from the Notification service and approval notifications from the Workflow service. Outgoing email messages like these are immediately deleted from the mail server after the email is sent.

Audit trail

These logs are kept as long as the account exists:

  • Organizations (Created, Updated, Deleted, Activated, Deactivated).
  • Service plan information (All changes.)
  • User, User groups, Identity providers (Created, Updated, Deleted).
  • Services (All changes including services added, deleted updated).
  • Resources (All changes including Added, Deleted, Set to trusted)

To keep data manageable and relevant, all other audit trail entries not mentioned in the list above are retained for one year from the time of creation.