Editing extraction settings

Among other things, the Extraction service settings determine how invoice information is interpreted, what fields are captured and how fields are validated. In most cases, the default settings suffice for processing invoices; however, you can adjust the settings to meet you needs.

You can edit extraction settings on the partner, customer and buyer level. When you edit extraction settings on a parent level, the settings do not apply downstream to the child accounts. For example, if you change the extraction settings on a partner, the changes do not apply to the customers of the partner. Note, however, if you create a new customer, the current extraction settings of the partner are used as a template to create the customer settings.

Buyer organizations inherit their initial extraction settings from the parent customer. You can optionally edit the extraction settings of a buyer to differ from its parent customer. If a buyer has extraction settings that differ from the parent account, a notification appears in the Extraction view on the buyer level. There is a button in the buyer extraction settings to reset the buyer extraction settings to the same settings as its parent customer.

To edit extraction settings:

  1. Navigate the Extraction view of the organization whose settings you want to edit and click EDIT.
  2. Click a document type that you want to edit. You can use the dialog that appears to:
  3. After you complete your changes, click OK to return to the previous view, and click SAVE to save your changes.

    After you save the settings, the changes are immediately available during verification.