The Document separation view

Use this view to manually separate invoice pages.

To access this view: In the document list view, select a document that is pending manual separation and click Start.

The Document separation viewUse this view to manually separate invoices.

Returns to the document list view.
Moves to the first page.
Moves left.
Moves right.
Moves to the last page.
Cuts the selected page.
Pastes the last page from the clipboard at the marker (triangle).
Deletes the selected page.
Splits/joins pages at the marker (triangle).
Splits/joins all pages.
/ Toggles a magnified view of the current page.
/ Toggles the thumbnail view.
Skip batch Cancels all changes and skips to the next batch that is selected for processing. If no other documents are selected for processing, you return to the document list view.
OK Completes the separation process and submits the batch for reinterpretation.