Correcting an invoice in a workflow

Throughout the approval process, invoice information is sent to the target financial system. This occurs, for example, when an invoice is registered in the financial system directly after is verified. If the target system rejects the invoice, for example during registration or posting, it must be corrected and is considered pending correction. You can also correct invoices with other statuses, such as Document delete failed. You must have the correct privileges to correct an invoice.

Workflow Chart

Kofax AP Essentials can send alerts when an invoice needs to be corrected.
  1. Navigate to the document list view, select an invoice that is pending correction and click Start.
  2. Use the document view to do any of the following:
    • Correct the errors that are listed on the Invoice tab. Note that you can edit the invoice data, which is normally read-only during the approval process.

      Validation rules cannot be overridden while in a workflow step. If you receive a validation error while processing a document in a workflow, you must correct the error to proceed.

    • Send the invoice to a correction workflow.

      Click  to display a dialog which you can use to choose a workflow. Workflows created here also appear in the Workflows tab of the Workflow view..
    • Delete the document.

      Click  to delete the document. If the document status is Document delete failed, you can click Retry delete to try to delete the document from the target system again.

    • Send the invoice back to verification by clicking .

  3. If you chose to correct the invoice in step 2, click OK after you make your corrections.