Automatic email notifications

System notifications

Kofax AP Essentials sends out automated email notifications in a number of scenarios, such as:

  • When a new user is created, login information is sent to the user.
  • When a user account is activated, login information is sent to the user.
  • If a customer is deactivated, for example, none of its users can login. Therefore an email is sent to each user stating that the account is temporarily disabled. This is also true if an individual user is deactivated. Likewise, if an account is deactivated, all of the users for all its customers are also deactivated.
  • When an account is reactivated, a notification email is sent; however, the account password cannot be sent in this case because the password is unknown, if the user has changed it.
  • When the password is forgotten or reset.

For each scenario, there is an email template which you can edit to your liking. Each account level (subsidiary, partner, customer) has its own email templates. When you create a new account, the email templates are copied from the parent account to the new account. If you change the templates of a parent account, however, existing child templates are not affected.

Custom event notifications

In addition to the scenarios above, you can create your own event notifications via the Notifications service, which can send email (SMTP) and HTTP notices. Notifications can be sent for events such as:

  • When a new batch is received by Kofax AP Essentials.
  • When a batch is rejected.
  • When a document has been assigned to a user by an automated process or manually by another user.

  • When batch input fails. This event is especially useful because you can use it notify your suppliers that their invoices could not be processed.
  • When batch export fails.

Read about the New notification view for a complete list of available events and their descriptions.