Adding or editing a customer

There are several methods for editing customer information. You can add or edit customer information:

Editing customers in AP Essentials Office

To add a new customer to the Customer name box, when verifying a document, type the name of the new customer in the Customer name box and click the Add button that appears. A dialog appears, which you can use to specify more details. The next time you verify a document with the same seller, the new customer is available for selection.

To change the name of an existing customer, click the Edit button and use the dialog that appears to edit the name. You can do this, for example, if the name is spelled incorrectly.

Changing the settings of an existing customer affects documents currently being processed that are connected to the customer. Changing the customer name or customer number does not create a new customer.

If you are not sure of the name of the customer, press F2 to display the search dialog. When you find the customer you need, double-click it in the list to copy it to the current document.

Each customer is associated with one seller (or organization), the seller that is selected when the customer is created. If you accidentally create two different names for the same customer, or if you misspell a name, you can edit it.


For this example, two settings must be enabled in by an administrator in Admin Center: Let users update customer data when verifying documents and Master data on seller level.

Assume you verify a document, and "Seller 1" is selected in the Seller box. Then you type a new customer name," Customer A",  in the Customer name box. The next time you verify a document with "Seller 1" selected in the Seller box, "Customer A "is available in the Customer name box. If you change the seller, "Customer A" is no longer available in the Customer name box.

Editing customers in Admin Center

Administrators can edit customers in Admin Center in the master data views. Simply click a customer in the master data list to open a dialog that you can use to edit the customer.