ReadSoft Online supports integrations with NetSuite and NetSuite OneWorld, via the NetSuite target system service.

ReadSoft Online is an automated document-processing system that utilizes remote cloud computing. This means you no longer have to maintain large, expensive server systems and complex software installations in order to process documents. Instead we handle all of that for you, and all you need is a web browser to access a state-of-the-art document-processing system on the cloud.

ReadSoft Online accepts documents in various formats—such as paper, image files, email—and automatically interprets and validates them. All you have to do is log in using a web browser to upload invoices and check interpreted data for correctness using an intuitive, state-of-the-art interface. Likewise, administrative tasks can be easily performed in a web browser.

Cloud Interaction Diagram

After an invoice is processed, ReadSoft Online automatically sends the output (document data and images) to a target system. The target system can be one of many popular financial systems, accounting programs, ERP systems, or even a file system. The possibilities are endless.

ReadSoft Online can do more than send output to a target system; it can also perform seamless, two-way communication with the target system, providing additional features and interaction. We call this an integration. Integrations are flexible, easy to configure, and come complete with all the features you need in order to connect ReadSoft Online with your target system. This saves you time and money, since there is no need for extensive customization.

An integration usually consists of three components:

  • ReadSoft Online.
  • A target system, such as NetSuite.
  • ReadSoft Online Connect, a light-weight program that you install locally to enable communication between the systems and synchronize master data. ReadSoft Online Connect also provides an alternative method to upload documents to ReadSoft Online.

The NetSuite integration includes an extra installation package that provides an integration record with a specific role and custom searches that are used by the integration.

Integration features

ReadSoft Online supports integrations with NetSuite and NetSuite OneWorld, via the NetSuite target system service. NetSuite is a complete ERP system including accounting, CRM, inventory and e-commerce.

The NetSuite integration supports these features:

  • Token-based authentication.
  • Data capture.
  • Retrieving supplier master-data.
  • Registration of supplier bills in NetSuite.
  • Multiple purchase orders per invoice.
  • Transfer of  invoice image.
  • Reject handling.
  • Credit notes (Vendor credit). Vendor credit is automatically applied to an exiting vendor bill (invoice) if one exists.
    Due to a defect in NetSuite, serial/lot numbers cannot be set when billing purchase orders. There is no workaround for this until the defect is corrected in NetSuite.
  • Approval workflows, including general ledger coding of non-PO invoices. ReadSoft Online makes account coding easy by importing general ledger account codes and NetSuite coding segments.