Adding filter fields to the document list view

The columns in document list view represent the most popular fields needed to filter the list and find documents you need. The columns/fields that are available depend on which document process you use.

Accounts payable Accounts receivable
Buyer Currency
Currency Customer account
Current approver Customer name
Due date Customer number
External ID Delivery date
File name External ID
Gross amount File name
Held by Help by
Held date Held date
Hold reason Hold reason
Invoice date Order date
Invoice number Order number
PO number Received
Received Reject reason
Status Seller
Supplier name Status
Supplier number Total amount
Track ID Track ID

Kofax AP Essentials Office users can click in the document list view to specify which columns are visible. If the field you need is not available by default, however, administrators can specify up to four additional fields to be made available for indexing and filtering.

Too add more filter fields to the document list view:

  1. Log in to Admin Center and navigate to the Extraction view.
  2. Click EDIT and select the General settings.
  3. Click ADD in the EXTRA SEARCHABLE FIELDS settings.

    A new row appears.

  4. Select the field type you want to add and specify the DISPLAY NAME. The display name determines the name of the column in the document list view.

    Note that the default fields listed above are not available for selection because they are already available in the document list view. Custom fields created on the buyer level are also not available for selection.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each field you want to add. You can add up to four fields.
  6. Click SAVE.

    The new columns appear to Kofax AP Essentials Office users in the document list views. Note, however, that only new documents entering the system from this point forward are indexed. Documents that are in the system already are not indexed unless they are saved by a user.


  • You can add up to four additional filter fields.

  • The additional filter field columns are only visible to customer-level users. They are not displayed for partner and customer group users.

  • The additional filter field columns do not appear in the document list view in Admin Center.

  • The maximum number of characters that are shown in a column, and are available for search, is 200. Characters exceeding the limit are truncated.