Adding a customer

This procedure shows how to add new customers using Admin Center.

Adding new customer accounts is a common task for administrators. If this is the first customer you are adding, follow the procedure below for adding a new customer. If you frequently add new customers with similar settings, you can add a new customer by copy an existing customer. Copying existing customers saves time and reduces the risk of making mistakes.

Adding a new customer

To add a customer account:

  1. Navigate to the Customers view and click ADD.
  2. Use the view that appears specify the Profile, Services and Service plan settings.

    You must specify a name for the customer (Profile settings) and select a target system (Services settings).

    If you do not have the Manage service plans privilege, the Service plan settings are hidden, and you cannot add a service plan. However, an administrator with the Manage service plans privilege can specify the Service plan settings later.

  3. Click SAVE & CLOSE.

    You must add users and activate the customer before users can log in and use the system.

Copying an existing customer

When you copy an existing customer, you choose which services you want to copy to the new customer. Some services, and their settings, are copied directly from the customer, whereas others are added from the partner level, in the same way they are added when adding a new customer.

To add a customer account by copying an existing customer:

  1. Navigate to the Customers view.
  2. Click in the ACTIONS column of the customer that you want to copy.
  3. Use the view that appears to specify which settings you want to copy and the details of the new customer.
  4. Click COPY to create the new customer.

    The new customer is created, and the Customer view is displayed so you can easily add users and adjust other settings.

    You must add users and activate the customer before users can log in and use the system.