Verifying line items

When you verify an invoice containing line items, the captured line items appear in a view at the bottom of the screen with interpreted results of each item.

Like verifying single-item fields, your goal is to check field values to make sure they match the values on the invoice image. The main difference is that there are no field proposals and there are additional functions you can perform:

Adds a new, blank row to the line-item table. You can add a row, for example, if a row on the invoice is missing from the table. The new row is inserted after the row that is in focus. If no row is in focus, the new row is inserted at the top of the table.
Displays controls that you can use to draw line-item fields on the invoice.
Removes the selected row or column from the line-item table. You can delete a row or column, for example, if the table includes a row that does not contain line items from the invoice.
Displays a dialog that you can use to match the current line item with purchase-order information from the target system. This button is only visible when Purchase order services are enabled.

After you check and correct all the single-item fields and the line items, and the OK button is active, click OK to confirm that you are done checking the invoice.

Bulk actions

You can easily apply the same value to all fields in a column or set all of the field statuses in the column to Complete. Simply select the check box at the top of a column and change the value of a field in the same column, or press Enter to override a validation error. After you press Enter, use the dialog that appears to select the actions that you want to perform on all fields in the column.