Holding invoices

This procedure shows how to hold an invoice during verification.

Sometimes you need to place an invoice on hold, for example, if an invoice lacks information, and you want to make sure it does not get processed until the issue is resolved. When an invoice is on hold, you cannot perform any actions on the invoice other than adding comments and attachments or deleting the document. You cannot save changes to field values, and you cannot process the invoice until you "unhold" it.

By default, ReadSoft Online displays a text box that you can use to specify why you are holding a document. However, if this method does not suit your needs, an administrator can specify custom on-hold codes with corresponding descriptions which are made available for selection in the Hold document dialog.

To hold an invoice while verifying invoices:

  1. Click at any time, during any process.

    A dialog prompts you to provide a reason for putting the invoice on hold.

  2. Specify a reason for holding the invoice and click OK.

    The invoice is put on hold, and you are returned to the document list view. The invoice appears in the On hold document list view and cannot be processed further until you, or someone with the Unhold documents privilege, releases it by clicking in the document view.

    If you enable the HOLD REASON column in any of the document list views, you can use the filter box to search for on-hold reasons and codes.

    Note Add a notification on the Held event to make sure invoices do not remain on hold for too long.

Creating custom on-hold codes

Administrators can use Admin Center to create custom on-hold codes, and corresponding descriptions, which replace the default choices in the Hold document dialog. To create custom on-hold codes, simply use the On hold codes view to create up to 100 custom on-hold codes.