Extraction services

Using country-specific logic, Kofax AP Essentials can extract documents using a variety of document types in multiple languages.

Data extraction is one of the most powerful services offered by Kofax AP Essentials. Using patented, core technologies, Kofax AP Essentials can automatically interpret and extract data from your documents, reducing manual work and reducing human error. Using country-specific logic, Kofax AP Essentials extracts documents using a variety of document types in multiple languages. After extraction, output services can send the documents and the interpreted data to a target system.

Document types

Kofax AP Essentials uses document types to describe the type of incoming documents you want to process and the information you want to extract from the documents. Among other things, document types contain settings that specify:

  • The document fields you want to capture.

  • The format of the captured fields.

  • Validation rules that ensure the captured data is correct.

  • The order in which the fields appear during verification.

When you set up Kofax AP Essentials, an administrator specifies the document type in the Extraction settings. When choosing a document type, the name of a document type indicates its purpose, which is usually expressed as a combination of a locale and a subtype. For example, if you process documents in Sweden, you might choose the document type named "Swedish invoices" or, if you want to capture line items, "Swedish invoices with line items". Available subtypes include:

  • General expense invoices.
  • Purchase order invoices.
  • Credit notes.
  • Remittance advices.

Document types are available in many locales. Accounts payable document types support purchase order invoices, expense invoices and credit notes. Accounts receivable document types support purchase order documents and remittance advices.

— The document type is supported.

— The document type is available on a preview basis.

Document type (locale) Supported invoice languages Accounts payable Accounts receivable
PO invoice Expense invoice Credit note Purchase order Remittance advice
Australia English
Austria German, English
Argentina Spanish, English
Belgium Belgian Dutch, French, German, English
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese, English
Britain English
Bulgaria Bulgarian, English
Canada English, French
Colombia Spanish, English
Chile Spanish, English
Czech Republic Czech, English
China Simplified Chinese, English
Denmark Danish, English
Estonia Estonian, English. Latvian and Lithuanian months are also interpreted.
Finland Finnish, Swedish, English
France French, English
Germany German, English
Greece Greek, English
Hong Kong Traditional Chinese, English
Hungary Hungarian, English
Iceland Icelandic, English
India English
Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia, English
Ireland Irish, English
Israel Hebraic, English
Italy Italian, English

Japanese, English


Korean, English

Latvia Latvian, English. Estonian and Lithuanian months are also interpreted.
Lithuania Lithuanian, English. Estonian and Latvian months are also interpreted.
Malaysia English, Malay
Mexico Spanish, English
Netherlands Dutch, English
New Zealand English
Norway Norwegian, English
Philippines English, Filipino (limited support)
Poland Polish, English
Portugal Standard Portuguese, English
Romania Romanian, English
Russia Russian, English
Singapore English
Slovakia Slovak, English
South Africa Zulu, Xhosa, English, Afrikaans
Spain Spanish, English. Catalan months are also interpreted.
Sweden Swedish, English
Switzerland German, French, Italian, English
Taiwan Traditional Chinese, English
Thailand Thai, English
Turkey Turkish, English
United States English
Vietnamese Vietnamese, English
Other types

Supports most European languages.

This is a generic document type that you can use to extract data from XML invoices from Europe. The XML document type includes many more fields than the other document types.

We recommend using this document type if you use Invoice Portal.