The Resources view

Use this view in Admin Center to upload and manage resource files, such as XSLT files.

To access this view in Admin Center: Select the Resources node in a partner account in the administration tree view.

Use this view to upload and manage resource files:

ADD Displays a dialog to upload a new resource.
NAME Specifies the file name of the resource.
TYPE Specifies the type of the resource. You can upload:
IS TRUSTED Specifies whether the resources is trusted.
  • - The resource is trusted and can execute code.

  • - The resource is not trusted and cannot execute code.

Trust is only required if you use the document() function in your XSLT or if you use embedded scripts.

VERSION Displays the version of a plug-in resource. The version number is taken from the version of the plug-in DLL.
DOWNLOAD Downloads the resource file.

You must have the Manage accounts privilege to download resources.

DELETE Deletes the selected resource.

Resources that contain executable code must be approved by Kofax personnel before they can be used.