The Add/Edit supplier dialog

Use these settings to edit the supplier of the current invoice.

To access this dialog in AP Essentials Office while verifying an invoice: Click or .

To access this dialog in Admin Center: Click a supplier in the Suppliers view.

Changing the settings of an existing supplier affects documents currently being processed that are connected to the supplier. Changing the supplier name or supplier number does not create a new supplier.

Use these settings to edit the supplier of the current invoice.

Supplier number, Name, Description, etc. The master-data fields used to describe the supplier.

You need the View supplier bank account numbers privilege to edit or add bank account information.


Determines whether the supplier is blocked.

Allow complete documents to bypass verification

Determines whether invoices without validation errors are sent directly to the target system without verification. Learn more.

Office users with the Change bypass verification setting privilege can change this setting.

In Admin Center, administrators with the Manage accounts privilege can change this setting.

Exclude supplier from automatic identification When selected, the supplier is not used for supplier identification; however, it is available for selection during verification. This is helpful if you have multiple suppliers with the same name, and you want to designate a preferred supplier by excluding the other suppliers from automatic identification.


Assume you have three suppliers with the same name, but different addresses.

Supplier Address Preferred supplier Exclude supplier from automatic identification setting
Polychemtex USA Yes Deselected
Polychemtex UK No Selected
Polychemtex Sweden No Selected

In this example, the first supplier is our preferred supplier because almost all of the invoices come from the US supplier. Therefore, we select Exclude supplier from automatic identification on the other two suppliers. The result is that Kofax AP Essentials identifies invoices from Polychemtex USA correctly, and invoices from the other locations will not have the supplier selected during verification. In the rare occasions that an invoice is received from one of the other two suppliers, you can simply change the supplier during verification.

All users can change this setting regardless of their privileges. Even users who are not allowed to update master data can change this setting.

Lock online learning

Locks online learning of documents from the displayed supplier at the current state. Select this setting to prevent verification changes from having a detrimental effect on documents that already have high identification and extraction rates.

If you enable this setting, and deselect it at a later date, online learning resumes.

AP Essentials Office users must have the Change lock online learning setting privilege to change this setting during verification.

Creates a new row for adding a bank-account master data.
Deletes the row.
Save Saves the supplier information.
Cancel Closes the dialog.