Admin Center

ReadSoft Online Admin Center is a web-based control panel that administrators can use to set up and manage ReadSoft Online. Admin Center offers performance enhancements and new ways of working that increase efficiency.

For daily production and processing of invoices, use ReadSoft Online Office.

After you log in to Admin Center, the landing page displays overview information, common tasks, links to reporting views and more. The information displayed can vary, depending on your role and which target system you use.

There are two types of administrators in ReadSoft Online, each with different capabilities and responsibilities:

  • Partner admin - responsible for setting up the system and configuring settings on the partner and customer level. Partner administrators can also run reports, assist with problem invoices and perform other activities. As a partner, you are the acting administrator for your customers. It is your responsibility to set up and maintain accounts for customers.

    Partner admin tasks include:

  • Customer admin - restricted to a reduced set of tasks and settings on the customer level. As a customer administrator, it is your responsibility to maintain settings for your users.

    Customer admin tasks include:

For some customer administrators, a welcome guide is visible on the right-hand side of the page after logging in. Depending on your setup, the guide may contain important setup information that you must perform in order to begin using ReadSoft Online.

The interface language of Admin Center is determined by your web browser language settings.