When you order a service plan at the Kofax AP Essentials store, there are several licensing models to choose from.

  • Trial - The trial plan lets you test Kofax AP Essentials with a limited number of documents for a limited time. You can choose a trial plan with basic features or premium features. If you exceed the trial period or document limit, whichever comes first, you must order a subscription plan to continue using Kofax AP Essentials. When you order a trial plan, you experience all the features of the plan you choose. The only limitation is the time period and the number of documents you can process.

  • Basic - The basic plan supports everything you need to process invoices with header and footer fields.

  • Premium - The premium plan is the same as the basic plan, with the addition of line-item field capture.

  • Enterprise - The enterprise plan is not available plan through the store. For enterprise solutions, please contact Sales.

  • Demo - Demo accounts are only available for Kofax AP Essentials partners. Demo accounts include all the features of premium accounts, however, the license expires after one year or 500 invoices, whichever comes first. When a demo license expires, you are welcome to request a renewal by ordering a new demo service plan in the store. Note that applications for demo accounts must be manually approved.

Pricing for basic and premium plans is based on the amount of documents you process each month. The larger the volume, the cheaper the price. Each subscription plan includes a base allowance of documents you can process each month. You are charged for each document that exceed the base allowance. Therefore, when you place your order, you should choose a base volume with a little room to grow, to avoid extra charges.






Cloud computing in your web browser

Online correction

Header-field capture

Footer-field capture

Line-item capture

Email input

In-browser document upload

Desktop app for automated upload

Automatic field validation

Accounts payable


Line pairing

Unlimited document volume

Automatic subscription renewal