Grouping users

This procedure describes how to create user groups.

If you manage an organization with many users, assigning users to groups makes it easier to manage privileges, customer access and buyer access.

To create a new group in Admin Center:

  1. Navigate to the User groups view and click ADD.
  2. Use the view that appears to specify a name and description.
  3. Click the Privileges tab and select the privileges that you want each member of the group to have.

    For your convenience, you can select a role from the Presets box and click APPLY to add the privileges to the current group. Presets are an easy way to apply commonly used privileges to a group, based on the role of the group.

  4. Click the Users tab and select the users that you want to belong to the group. Each user that you select here will have all of the privileges that you selected in the previous step.
  5. Depending on your setup, and where you are in the administration tree, either a Customer access tab or Buyer access tab is available. Use this tab to specify customer/buyer access to the group.