Swiss QR-bills

Kofax AP Essentials can interpret QR codes on Swiss QR-bills. A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode containing information. For the purposes of this topic, we refer to the QR code found on a Swiss QR-bill as a "Swiss QR code". A Swiss QR code contains invoice and payment information.

A typical QR code on a QR-bill

Swiss QR code

Swiss QR code extraction is enabled on all Swiss document types. Kofax AP Essentials extracts information from the QR code and populates invoice fields with the data according to this table:

QR field Field type name in Kofax AP Essentials
IBAN SupplierIBAN1
Currency InvoiceCurrency
Amount InvoiceTotalVatIncludedAmount

The reference can be a Creditor reference or a QR reference, depending on the IBAN type. Creditor references are associated with standard IBAN numbers, whereas QR reference are associated with QR-IBAN numbers.

  • PaymentReferenceNumber - Creditor references from standard IBAN numbers are copied to the PaymentReferenceNumber field.

  • QrReference - QR references from QR-IBAN numbers are copied to the QrReference field.

QR-IBAN numbers always contain a reference. For standard IBAN numbers, the reference is optional. In order to pass the Swiss QR reference validation, the reference must be exactly 27 characters.

QR codes that do not match QR-bill headers are ignored. When a Swiss QR code is extracted, the extracted information must adhere to the QR-bill specification. If a field does not validate according to the specification, the field is marked as uncertain (). If a field does pass validation, its value takes precedence over the extracted text value on the invoice, and its status is set to complete (). If a value extracted from a Swiss QR code adheres to the QR-bill specification, but fails another validation, the Swiss QR code value is still used but marked as uncertain ().

You can use validations in conjunction with the QR codes:

  • IBAN - Checks the validity of IBAN numbers extracted from QR codes.

  • Swiss QR reference - Checks the validity of QR references found in QR-IBAN numbers.

    First, the validation checks positions 4 through 9 of the IBAN, using a zero-based index. If the value of positions 4 through 9 is within the range, 30000 - 31900, and the QR reference is exactly 27 characters long, the validation verifies the checksum of the reference field.

Try it out

Download this ZIP file which contains a sample Swiss QR-bill and other invoices and master data for testing and demonstration.