Coding an invoice (account coding)

This procedures shows how to perform account coding on an invoice.

To perform account coding on an invoice:

  1. Navigate to an invoice that needs to be approved using one of the following methods:
  2. Click the Accounting tab.
  3. Use the Accounting table to assign accounting codes and other information according to your accounting procedures.

     - Adds a new coding row after the row that has focus (Shift + Alt + A).

     - Makes a copy of the row that has focus (Shift + Alt + C).

     - Removes the selected rows (Shift + Alt + R).

     - Refreshes coding suggestions.

    You can easily apply the same value to all fields in a column. Simply select the check box at the top of a column and change the value of a field in the same column and press Enter. After you press Enter, use the dialog that appears to select the actions that you want to perform on all fields in the column.

  4. After you ensure complete the account coding, click OK to send the invoice to the next step in the approval process. If you handle the last step in the approval workflow, the invoice is sent to the financial system for final posting, unless you select Park document.
Kofax AP Essentials can send alerts when an invoice needs to be approved.