The Verification view

Use these settings to define the Verification service.

To access this view in Admin Center: Select a Services node in the administration tree and click Verification.

To avoid configuration issues, multiple administrators should not edit the same service at the same time.

The services and settings available can vary, depending on your role and which Services node you selected in the administration tree:

Allow account coding during verification Displays the Accounting tab in the Verification view, so users can verify invoices and perform account coding in the same view. See how .

Note that the Coding lines settings also apply when coding during verification.

Display validation errors in a pop-up dialog that requires user interaction Determines whether a dialog is displayed when a user attempts to override a validation error. Select this setting to force users to interact with a dialog before overriding a validation error. This is helpful because it requires more interaction by the user, which helps prevent users from accidentally overriding validation errors.

When this setting is not selected, validation errors are displayed in a small callout, which users can override more easily by pressing Tab or Enter.

Use autocomplete when typing field values Uses text extracted from the invoice to predict values as you type.
Additional information shown when searching for suppliers In addition to the supplier name, the information you select in this box is also displayed when selecting a supplier in the document view during verification.