The Storage view

Use these settings to define the Storage service.

To access this view in Admin Center: Select a Services node in the administration tree and click Storage.

Use these settings to define the Storage service. The services and settings available can vary, depending on your role and which Services node you selected in the administration tree. In Admin Center, customer administrators can view these settings, but only partner administrators can edit them.

Create image link Creates a link (URL), in the invoice output data (XML), that points to the invoice image in ReadSoft Online Storage. If you deselect this setting, image links that were previously created no longer work.

You can use image links to view document images in ReadSoft Online storage. This setting is helpful, for example, if you want to display document images in an external system.

Note Authentication is not required to view images that are accessed via an image link.

The image link is saved in an XML element named Permalink. If the XML output you use does not support the Permalink element, the image link cannot be added to the XML output.

Show image link in STORAGE view Displays the image link of Successfully processed invoices on the Information tab in the document view.
Image width Specifies the width to use when displaying document images via an image link (default value: 777). The height is automatically scaled proportionately according to the width you specify here. This setting affects all image links, even for preexisting documents.