Configure Kofax AP Essentials for use with NetSuite

Before you configure Kofax AP Essentials for use with NetSuite, you must configure NetSuite for use with Kofax AP Essentials. To configure Kofax AP Essentials for use with NetSuite:

  1. Add a buyer for each buyer in NetSuite, and use the External ID setting to specify the internal ID of the buyer in NetSuite.
  2. Using the AP Essentials Admin Center, navigate to a customer account and select the Services node.
  3.  Select the Target system service.
  4. Choose NetSuite as the target system and click Configuration. Use the dialog that appears to specify the settings for the NetSuite target system.

    When specifying the Connection settings, you choose either a standard connection that uses the Email and Password settings, or token-based authentication (TBA) that uses the Token ID and Token secret settings. Both scenarios require the Account, Application ID, Consumer Key and Consumer secret settings. If you choose to use TBA, we recommend that you test a standard connection first.

  5. Define custom fields (optional).