Create dummy codes for NetSuite

There are several scenarios where you might want to use dummy codes in the target system settings. For example, if you want to register all non-PO based invoices as item lines in NetSuite (instead of expense lines), you can specify a dummy item code in the GE dummy item code setting. Likewise, you may want to specify a PO dummy item code for these scenarios:

  • When you use line-pairing and process invoices that have additional lines that are not specified on the PO.

  • When you do not use line-pairing and process invoices where the invoice total amount differs from the PO total amount.

To create an item in NetSuite that can be used as a dummy item code in the target system settings:

  1. In NetSuite, navigate to Lists > Accounting > Item > New.
  2. Create an inventory item and note its name.

    When creating the item, follow your company guidelines to setup the item so it can be used on vendor bills. This might include, for example, assigning an asset account and a tax schedule. You can test if an item is ready to use by manually creating a vendor bill in NetSuite and trying to use the new item on a vendor bill row. Refer to the NetSuite documentation for more information about creating items.

  3. Specify the name of the item you created above in the target system settings in the GE dummy item code setting or PO dummy item code setting, depending on your needs.