The User group view

Use this view to specify user group settings.

To access this dialog in Admin Center: Click a user group name, or click Add, in the User groups view.

Use this dialog to add or edit a user group.


Name The name of the group.
Description A description of the group.
Show Filters the user list for easier viewing.
FULL NAME The full name of the user.
USER NAME The login name of the user.


Privileges Displays privileges that you can associate with the group. Each member of the groups is granted the privileges that you select here.
Presets Presets are a convenient way to apply commonly used privileges to a group, based on the role of the group. Select a preset and click Apply to assign the privileges to the current group.
APPLY Adds the privileges of the current preset

Customer/Buyer access - Determines which customers/buyers members of the group have access to.

Allow access to unclassified documents

Grants users access to documents that AP Essentials was unable to classify automatically. This setting is only visible if buyer/seller classification is enabled.

When this setting is enabled, and the user opens an unclassified document, the user can only assign the document to buyers/sellers that the user has access to.


Filters the user list for easier viewing.


The name of the customer, customer group or buyer.

EXTERNAL ID A unique ID that identifies the customer or buyer organization in the target system.

Audit trail - Displays audit trail information for the current user group.

Event time

The date and time that the event occurred.

Changed by

Indicates the user that triggered the event.

Provides user-specific event information such as:

  • when the user has accessed the system and what functionality was accessed.
  • changes to privileges and other user-account modifications.
  • what functionality/data a person has accessed.

See the User management: Overview for more information.